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Individual Legal Services     

For Individuals we provide legal services in the following areas:   ·    
Employment Litigation 

We can assist you in pursuing various employment-based discrimination lawsuits including those based on race and gender discrimination, harassment, equal pay act cases, worker’s compensation issues, unemployment benefit compensation and more.   

Real Estate/Real Property 

If you have been evicted or wrongfully foreclosed upon, Ms. Williams can help you fight for your rights. Ms. Williams has filed lawsuits and defended suits on behalf of hundreds of individuals whose property has been foreclosed upon by well-known financial institutions. Ms. Williams has handled foreclosure lawsuits for many clients whose cases began in justice of the peace court and ended up in Federal Court.  

Personal Injury/Healthcare Law

We can assist you in the pursuit of your social security disability case, personal injury matter, medical malpractice lawsuit, insurance case, or nursing home abuse case.    

Criminal Representation 

If you have been accused of committing a criminal offense such as a DWI, theft, assault or other criminal matter give us a call. Dacia A. Williams has worked as  a municipal court, County, and State Prosecutor. We can assist you in the defense of various criminal cases including misdemeanors, felonies, juvenile defense, and expunctions.   

General Civil Litigation 

We can assist you in general civil disputes involving your personal property, land, or business.