Dacia A. Williams, Attorney at Law - PASSION    EXPERIENCE     DEDICATION

Dacia A. Williams graduated from South Texas College of Law in 2003 and advocates on behalf of small business owners and individuals. Ms. Williams prides herself on being able to provide her clients with the passion, experience, and dedication required of an effective advocate when they need it the most. 


When you are faced with fighting for your legal rights, you need a lawyer that is passionate about your case. Ms. Williams has received several awards for providing legal services to those in need. Ms. Williams has always had a passion for the law and to serve her community. 


When you have to make the difficult choice to sue someone or when you must defend yourself against a lawsuit, you need a lawyer that has extensive trial and litigation experience. Ms. Williams is an experienced civil litigation and criminal trial attorney. She has served as a City, County, and State prosecutor. Ms. Williams also worked for a Fortune 500 company as a civil litigator and has chosen to utilize the knowledge that she gained as a civil litigator in corporate America to challenge major corporations when the need arises. Ms. Williams also provides defensive civil litigation services to small business owners in her community.  


When you are looking for an attorney to help you with your legal matters you want to make sure that your lawyer is dedicated to helping others. Ms. Williams’ dedication to helping others can be seen in every facet of her life. Ms. Williams has served on several boards dedicated to providing quality legal services to those in need. Ms. Williams will be dedicated to your cause.